LoRaWAN Prepaid Gas Meter

The LoRaWAN gas meter has integrated traditional mechanical gas meter ,electronic control circuit of high performance and remote LoRa communication function.

IC Card NFC Prepaid Gas Meter

Integrated Type Prepaid Gas Meter, with NFC reader on Meter Case for Meter Recharge confirms to Standard ISO 14443.

AMR Gas Meter

The WG􀀂LoRa series meter adopts LoRa wireless spread spectrum technology to gas AMR business.

Steel Case Diaphragm Gas Meter

Steel Case Diaphragm Gas Meters have the features of compact size, beautiful appearance, high sensitivity, accurate measurement, good stability, strong reliability, high-pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, longer service life and easier maintenance.

FLOWSIC500 Industrial Meter

Custody transfer measurement in natural gas distribution.


Gas/Water Meter Data Management (MDM).