LPG/PNG/CNG Gas Leak Detector

LPG/PNG/CNG Detector for the domestic market. Home kitchens use either LPG Cylinders or PNG pipeline to supply gas. Accidents happen due to leakage of the gas. Several lives have been lost and caused great loss to consumer's properties.

The system will detect levels of Carbon Monoxide, Natural Gas or LPG (Propane) before it reaches dangerous levels. Our detectors conform to standard that far exceeds the present UL standards

Key Features

  • High Sensitivity.
  • Heat >55°C Detection.
  • High Sound Alarm.
  • LED Indication
  • Easy To Install
  • Low Power Consumption
  • True wireless, no cables – Significant cost and time savings as well as installation flexibility when compared to wired detector installation.
  • Lifetime calibration – No field calibrations required, which dramatically reduces maintenance costs.
  • Hazardous area intrinsically safe design – Low power, light weight gas detector with Ex-i field replaceable battery pack.


The LPG/PNG/CNG Detector is first choice for safety critical gas detection applications. Infrared sensor technology is taken to the next level using patented MEMS (Micro Electromechanical System) optical filters. This proprietary electronic device filters and focuses the incident light and switches between gas and reference measurement at 1 kHz thereby suppressing low frequency noise. This technology achieves fast and ultralow power operation with life-long zero point stability.