Genesis Energy

Genesis Energy provides an embedded platform for Sub Station Monitoring for Electricity Distribution companies. We attract key players in the market and equip them with our Smart Grid technology, thus empowering their infrastructure monitoring from "Preventive" to "Predictive".

Advanced Metering Infrastructure :

Automating the meter reading process is a proven, cost-effective way to streamline your operations. But with rising demand, operational and environmental constraints, and aging infrastructures, today’s utilities are looking for more than just data for monthly bill creation. With our advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions, you can propel your operations to the next level and deliver the service and value your customers demand.

Featuring two-way communications down to the meter, our AMI network solutions collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently. It gives you more insight than ever before. With this information, you gain a more comprehensive understanding of how and when usage takes place, which in turn leads to more proactive management of customers and resources. From demand-side management to optimizing the distribution network and ensuring system integrity, it offers significant advantages over other systems.

AMI Solution Features and Benefits :

AMI solutions are a part of a platform that can evolve as your needs change. From handheld and mobile collection to a fully-featured AMI fixed network, you can rest assured knowing that the technology you deploy today can adapt to capitalize on the opportunities of tomorrow. Plus, with our Total solution, we offer this broad portfolio of products and services in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure for utilities looking to pace and price their AMI rollouts in a manner that best fits their business needs.

Load Curtailment :

Load curtailment is a way to balance electricity supply and demand by controlling consumption patterns. By using various equipment and processes, peak demand can level out to a degree. Over the long term, this improves the electrical system and defers the need for new infrastructure. Our load curtailment pilot offers an incentive to shift power consumption out of a specific time of day. These shifts, known as load curtailment events, should occur at the peak times of already high electricity system load levels, such as cold winter days.

Unmanned :

Electrical Utilities need to meet the growing power demands by adding more overhead lines and substations. The conventional manned substations calls for higher capital investment as well as running costs. Prefabricated Unmanned Substations are thus gaining popularity. Operations of Unmanned substation in itself demands a reliable and secure means of communication. Remote operation of an unmanned substation is practical only if a reliable and secure communication is in place. After rigorous field trials, devices from our Solution has been selected to provide the communication for unmanned substations.

Phase Parameter Analysis System (PPAS) :

Based on all the systems surveyed, their advantages and drawbacks, this paper presents the features that make up an ideal PPAS and provides a overall insight of the various methodologies applied for PPAS so far thus providing a base for further research in this area. Based on the performance criteria considered, several systems where compared and now we come to a conclusion that, when it comes to Reliability and Feasibility GSM topped the charts but when Coverage and Communication protocol used comes in to picture PLC steals the stage. Other suggestion would be to include a web/mobile interface that gives a real-time feedback of the energy consumption, maybe even give the amount of energy consumed by every device in every room and also give energy conservation tips too, based on the data obtained. The real-time data thus obtained can also be used to build a prediction model over it, for predicting the energy demands trends of the future, over any given time period.

Control Panel Monitoring System (CPMS) :

CPMS is the ideal solution for tracking automated readings from domestic and industrial utility LED indication of the machine. Its compact dimensions make it easy to install in virtually all machine that provide indication using LED and any other light source. CPMS uses a LDR technology to take regular performance of machines and transmit the resulting data via a wired network.

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