Dr. Indrajeet

PhD in Compuer Science

Co-founder & CTO

Having more than 16 years of experience, Indrajeet brings to the table his technical expertise in project management and software design. Being one of the co-founders at Genesis, he has laid the foundation for many innovations in the technology domain. Indrajeet works with all the teams and remote customer sites, and is intrumental in making sure than customer deliveries are in time and meet or exceed quality norms for the project.

Dr. Anshumali Bhushan

PhD in Computer Science

Co-founder & CEO

Anshumali Bhushan has an experience of 14+ years behind him. Anshumali heads the Business Development division and is constantly on the move to discuss with customers, partners and also speaking at events. He has also worked with the of Cote’d Ivoire as a consultant for IT and Biotechnology. His current focus lies in identifying future growth opportunities for the organization and deliberating the business strategy to capitalize on them.